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The Story of Myth Mart

Myth Mart was founded in 1999 as a way for people to have a direct ordering market for Dark Myth Comics.
Given the name Myth Mart as it fit the “Myth” theme while mart rhymed, but was the perfect word to imply we are selling goods.
In 2001 was another incarnation used to purchase DVDs and VHS Tapes of popular Hollywood movies through an outside vendor.
In 2005, Myth Mart was incorporated with The World of Myth Magazine to release company-owned products.
2012 saw the first entire store with multiple products outside of the comic world and novels.
Today, Myth Mart returns as an online store for not only company-owned products but an outlet for independent creators and not to be cheated of their profits.
Located in Nashville, all products are in stock at our local warehouse and ready to ship within 24 hours after orders are made.
Myth Mart is a subsidiary of The JayZoMon Dark Myth Company, headed by General Manager Alan Russo (Founder of New Blood Films and ZombieWorks Publications), along with his sales team, are ready to meet your shopping needs!

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