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While on his way to the brig to await a court-martial, Navy Seal, Jay Hero has an unexpected surprise of his life! Hero is freed to escape, but at what cost? Soon he learns the answer to that question as he is enlisted as a hero for hire by Crapalopolis' wealthiest man, the Main Boss Guy! Filled with inappropriate situations and crude jokes, this book is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended!

American Smash: Welcome to the Jungle (one-shot)

SKU: 10047
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    Extended credits and info

    • Rating: Rated Mature Teen
    • Format: Comic
    • Price: $4.99
    • UPC: 804879075615
    • FOC Date: July 3, 2021


    • Writer:
      Alan Russo & David K. Montoya
    • Inker:
      Mario E. Martinez
    • Letterer:
      Eletrik Lettering
    • Editor:
      Terry D. Scheerer
    • Penciler:
      David K. Montoya

    Cover Information

    • Editor:
      Terry D. Scheerer
    • Penciler (cover):
      David K. Montoya
    • Colors (cover):
      Richard Wilson
    • Inker (cover):
      Mario E. Martinez


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