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In this 1997 remake of David K. Montoya's comic book classic, "Ayot Nom," artist William "Slim" Black renders his version of the original script to bring to you: Ayot Nom: To Hell and Back! Join the excitement, as the once samurai to the royal empire, now turned deadly assassin known to his enemies as Ayot Nom, moves throughout Feudal Japan, attempting to revenge the unjustified murder of his beloved wife and restore honor to his family name! And the hired killer will do it the only way he knows how by taking out each member of the royal family one at a time!

Ayot Nom: To Hell and Back (one-shot)

SKU: 10003
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    Extended credits and info

    • Rating: Rated T+
    • Format: Comic
    • Price: $2.99
    • UPC: 804879075615
    • FOC Date: Jan 29, 2009


    • Writer:
      David K. Montoya
    • Inker:
      William 'Slim' Black
    • Letterer:
      Eletrik Lettering
    • Editor:
      Terry D. Scheerer
    • Penciler:
      William 'Slim' Black

    Cover Information

    • Editor:
      Mario E. Martinez
    • Penciler (cover):
      William 'Slim' Black
    • Painted (cover):
      William 'Slim' Black
    • Inker (cover):
      William 'Slim' Black


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