Three Hundred years ago, the man know as Xydus, was considered the greatest vampire hunter in the known profession. He was responsible for killing most creatures from the night. Now, the hired demon killer has set his sights on the last known, and possibly the first vampire in existence, Jericho. The battle to end the world of Vampirism, was only the beginning chapter of this legendary hunter—and what will become of him when he awakes to find himself in modern-day England?

The Hunters - Xydus #1

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    • Rating: Rated T+
    • Format: Comic
    • Price: $2.99
    • UPC: 804879075615
    • FOC Date: June 14, 1999


    • Created By:

                    David K. Montoya

    • Plotter:

                    David K. Montoya

    • Scripter:

                    Josh C. Benton

    • Inker:

                    David K. Montoya

    • Letterer:

                    Electrik Lettering

    • Editor:

                    Stephanie J. Bardy

    • Penciler:

                    David K. Montoya

    • Cover Information
    • Editor:

      Kristofor Harris

    • Penciler (cover):

      David K. Montoya

    • Inker (cover):

      David K. Montoya

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