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Welcome to the secret world of the United States military and its Black Ops Program! After a long stand-off with the Mexican government, Cartel Boss Townsend appears to have won the battle and has grain control over a small resort town until the Mexican government turns toward their neighbors from the North, the U.S., For help. The United States answers with a two-person black ops team: government official Rex Epson and his partner, who is unaware of his past and has a deep passion for blood. They send in SGT. Iron! Will there be anyone left alive after it's over?

Sgt. Iron: Lost in Place (one-shot)

SKU: 10005
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    Extended credits and info

    • Rating: Rated T+
    • Format: Comic
    • Price: $3.99
    • UPC: 804879075615
    • FOC Date: Jan 4, 2011


    • Writer:
      David K. Montoya
    • Inker:
      Clayton Barton
    • Letterer:
      Eletrik Lettering
    • Editor:
      S.M. Morton
    • Penciler:
      Clayton Barton

    Cover Information

    • Editor:
      Terry D. Scheerer
    • Penciler (cover):
      Clayton Barton
    • Colors (cover):
      Richard Wilson
    • Inker (cover):
      Clayton Barton


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